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Atlanta Foreclosure Legal Options

Even homeowners who faithfully make their mortgage payments can face the threat of wrongful foreclosure for a number of reasons. Lenders can fail to give proper credit for payments made, and thus homeowners can be overcharged for late fees or other mortgage costs. In some cases, foreclosure notices are sent to the wrong address. Fortunately, when you’re facing one of these situations there are legal options available. At the law firm of Schuyler Elliott, much of our litigation practice is devoted to wrongful foreclosure.

Wrongful Foreclosure Attorney
Schuyler Elliott is a leading Atlanta, GA foreclosure lawyer who provides aggressive representation for his clients. In most cases strong and highly effective representation is a necessity since mortgage lenders and banks are large, unresponsive and bureaucratic institutions. In fact, many mortgages taken out are sold numerous times to other entities. As opposed to dealing with local lenders personally, most often consumers are speaking to representatives that either don't respond, or lack the authority to resolve problems.

Cutting through the Bureaucracy
When you’re represented by a foreclosure attorney from Schuyler Elliott, every legal strategy available will be employed to stop foreclosure proceedings while helping you to keep your home. When dealing with large mortgage lenders, being aggressive is always a much better approach. Our firm carefully researches all the facts along with the regulations regarding the Georgia Foreclosure Law every lender is required to follow. After doing so, we take action in court if necessary.

Georgia Foreclosure Lawyer
We have handled many wrongful foreclosure cases and utilize all the available legal tools as necessary to ensure a positive outcome. You can count on us to get through the bureaucratic red tape normally involved in these situations, while removing the threat of foreclosure. To learn more about our Foreclosure Services, give us a call today at 770-209-7999. Additionally, please check out the Foreclosure FAQs for more information.

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